Kunzea Oil 50mL + Free Dropper

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Kunzea essential oil is a steam distilled from the flowers, leaves and twigs of the Kunzea ambigua bush native to Tasmania and Australia's east coast. It is commonly referred to as "white Cloud" due to its white, fluffy flowers. It has similar properties to tea tree oil, however, slightly milder in concentration. It belongs to the same family as Kanuka oil, however, they have different aromas to one another. Its delicate, floral aroma creates a calming atmosphere.

INCI: Kunzea Ambigua Branch/Leaf/Twig Oil
Derived from: Flowers, leaves and twigs
Origin: Australia
Extraction: Steam Distilled Essential Oil
Note: Top to middle note
Aroma: Sharp, spicy-sweet and herbaceous

  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Not tested on animals
  • Halal
  • No carrier oils, 100% pure essential oil

Packaging details:
The product comes in an amber glass bottle with a complimentary glass dropper.