Extraction Processes: Organic Extraction

Extraction Processes: Organic Extraction

Our two previous blog posts have covered the processes of steam distillation and cold pressing. This blog is going to cover the process of organic extraction.

Contrary to steam distillation and cold pressing, organic extraction produces a highly concentrated, potent "absolute" rather than an "essential oil". Absolutes are generally extracted from plant parts that are too delicate for steam distillation or cold pressing.


An organic solvent is added to the plant material to help extract compounds that are non-polar (compounds that are more oil-like than water-like).

The solution is then filtered and then distilled to produce a waxy precipitate.

The polar compounds are the fragrant, aromatic ones. These compounds are extracted from the waxy precipitate and infused into ethanol.

The ethanol is then vaporised to leave behind an oil i.e the absolute.


All our absolutes are produced using a hexane-free organic solvent. Absolutes have a strong, fresh scent when used in perfumery. Some examples of absolutes include rose de mai, damask rose and tuberose.