Extraction Processes: Cold Pressing

Extraction Processes: Cold Pressing

Our last blog post covered the process of steam distillation in extracting essential oils and absolutes. This blog is going to cover the process of cold pressing.


Cold pressing involves using a stainless steel pressing machine to squeeze out the extract from the plant/fruit. It is very commonly used for citrus peels.

The entire fruit is usually placed in the machine to squeeze out the juices and oils.

This mixture is then centrifuged to separate the fruit parts, juice and oils from each other.

The separated oil is then siphoned off.


Since cold pressing does not involve the preheating or cooking of the fruit before extraction, it retains all volatile compounds that may contain some phytonutrients.

However, this also means that it retains any potentially sensitising chemicals. One common compound found in citrus peels is furocoumarin, a chemical causing sensitivity when exposed to natural light. To make our essential oils suitable for topical application (in conjunction with carrier oils or incorporated into skincare formulations), they are furocoumarin free.