Essential oils vs. Absolutes

Essential oils vs. Absolutes

Essential oils and absolutes are both aromatic derivatives from plant sources. They both also possess what is known as "phytonutrients" i.e compounds naturally found in plants that have beneficial effects on the body. However, they do differ slightly in their extraction mechanism and therefore, their characteristics!

Absolutes are produced by organically extracting the oils from plant parts. This is different from the process by which essential oils are extracted, namely cold pressing or steam distillation processes.

Organic extraction is often required when plant parts are too delicate or fragile to undergo steam distillation or cold pressing to obtain their lighter, more volatile oil. Our absolutes are extracted using certified organic solvents and are hexane-free!

Because of its extraction technique, absolutes are more concentrated and often thicker than essential oils. You might find our Vanilla and Cocoa absolutes to be particularly thick because of the concentration of organic material extracted with the oil. Due to the higher concentration of aromatics contained in absolutes, they also have stronger and more potent aromas and phytonutrient benefits (or reactions, so make sure you are not allergic to any of these plants before buying their absolutes).