Essential oils and Chakras: The Throat Chakra

Essential oils and Chakras: The Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra. It is an ether element chakra located in the throat. It represent self-expression, vocation and truth. A blocked throat chakra can lead to irresponsible use of words and the inability to discern the truth.

Some essential oils and absolutes useful for a balanced throat chakra include:
1. German blue chamomile - A warm, sweet, herbaceous and slightly fruity smelling essential oil.

2. Blue tansy - A skin-soothing and emotionally calming oil with a sweet, herbaceous and honey-like aroma.

3. Blue lotus - An exotic, sensual and deeply floral absolute oil with a euphoric aroma.

4. Blue cypress - A calming and grounding oil with a woody, balsamic aroma.